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Uniting the finance world in Macedonia.

Driven by technology and innovation Finance Talks by EOS Matrix aims to inspire the exchange of ideas and expertise, providing the space for dialogue regarding existing challenges in the financial sector.

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About the platform

Finance Talks by EOS Matrix is a platform which brings European trends and practices closer to the financial sector in the region by taking a deep dive into relevant topics such as credit risk management, innovative trends for management of NPLs, application of digital technologies and A.I. in the financial sector and so on.


By organizing events which encourage dialogue throughout the year, the "Finance Talks" platform provides much-needed insights into the industry and initiates the application of new methods and solutions to existing and rising challenges with the purpose: Changing finances for the better. 

Upcoming Events

This December, EOS is introducing a new event to the Finance Talks platform: "European Payment Practices 2022: Presentation of the Survey and discussion on the state of the local market.". Inspired by the results of the survey which will be presented in detail at the event, the discussion which follows will evaluate the state of the local market. 

This December: European Payment Practices 2022 - Presentation and discussion

The 13th Representative EOS Survey: "European Payment Practices" was conducted again for the first time since 2019. EOS conducted phone interviews with 3,200 companies in 16 European countries between March 4 and April 19, 2022, to ask them about the prevailing payment practices in their respective locations. 200 companies (each with an annual turnover of more than EUR 5 million) in each of the countries Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK answered questions about their own payment experiences and current issues relating to risk and receivables management. 

We are especially pleased to present the first Finance Talks event open to the public, which will take place this December on the topic: "European Payment Practices: Survey Presentation and Discussion about the Local Market."

At this "Finance Talks" event, EOS Matrix will present and explain the findings of the "European Payment Practices" survey, and in the second segment of the event will discuss more about the situation of domestic companies, the challenges they are facing, the payment habits in the local market and the mechanisms to deal with these challenges.

All interested professionals and individuals who would like to attend the event can register for the upcoming Finance Talks event by filling out this application form.

*The event has a limited audience capacity and the capacity will be filled according to the received and properly filled registrations.


"Finance Talks by EOS Matrix" - a unique approach toward joint progress

  • About the platform:

Inspired by the need for mutual cooperation in finding solutions, EOS Matrix this year created a platform named "Finance Talks", which unites the financial world in the country and the region. Through regular panel discussions on specific topics, we analyze and highlight the experiences, expertise and needs of participants in the domestic financial market with one goal: 

Changing finances for the better. 

  • Past events:

The first panel discussion took place in May 2022 and addressed the topic "Credit Risk Management in the Post-Covid and Economic (Financial) Crisis". Moderated by the Managing Director of EOS Matrix, Katerina Boshevska PhD, the discussion offered valuable insight into the current state of the market and highlighted the ways in which institutions are facing change. Our expert panelists, Zlatica Trpeska Civkaroski (Sparkasse Bank), Vladislav Hadjidinev (UNI Bank) and Frosina Celevska (NBRM) provided truly multi-sector and multi-disciplinary expertise and shared their valuable experience in management under the existing circumstances. 

Read more about the discussion in the media: 

(Available only in the macedonian language): 

EOS Матрих создава платформа која го обединува финансискиот свет: „Finance Talks by EOS“

View the video of the first panel discussion on our YouTube Channel and get inspired by the insights and conclusions by accessing this link (click here). 

The second panel discussion took place on the 28th of September and it dissected the topic "Benefits of the implementation of European legal solutions in the domestic financial sector" and pointed out the necessary steps for action.

Moderated by the Managing Director of EOS Matrix, PhD Katerina Boshevska, the second panel discussion within the platform presented the experience and expertise of our accomplished guests:

  • Fatmir Besimi - Minister of Finance - Republic of North Macedonia Ministry of Finance
  • Branko Greganovic - President of the Management Board, NLB Bank Skopje
  • Goran Vasilev - Chief Executive Officer, IUTE Credit Macedonia

Thanks to the many years of experience and acquired expertise of the panelists in the domestic and foreign financial markets, this discussion is of great value to the financial community in the country.

Institutions and all stakeholders in the financial market in our country should seek out solutions with an integrated, systemic and multidisciplinary approach. With this goal in mind, the Finance Talks panel discussion offered a space for exchange and it initiated the joint finding of solutions on the topic focused on the improvement of the domestic financial market and the harmonization of the domestic legislation and market with that of the member states of the European Union.

Read more about the discussion in the media: 

(Press Release: Available only in the macedonian language) “Finance Talks by EOS:” Преку компарација на домашните и европските законски решенија истакнати неопходните чекори за унапредување на домашниот финансиски пазар

(Available only in the macedonian language) Економија и Бизнис: Усогласувањето на домашните со европските законски решенија е неодминлив предуслов за стабилен и праведен финансиски пазар

(Available only in the macedonian language) Иновативност.мк: Катерина Бошевска: Со „Finance Talks by EOS“ ги приближуваме европските трендови до домашниот финансиски сектор!

The video of the entire discussion is available on this link, on the YouTube channel of EOS Matrix Macedonia. 

Latest Finance Talks Panel Discussion

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