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Uniting the finance world.

A platform created by EOS North Macedonia for the exchange of expertise, experience and ideas to address challenges and advance the economy.
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Driven by innovation and international collaboration, Finance Talks is a platform created by EOS in North Macedonia, a technology-driven leading financial investor, to inspire the exchange of ideas and expertise within the finance world.

By providing the space and topics for dialogue regarding the challenges, policies, and potential of the financial sector in the Balkans and Europe, Finance Talks is providing stakeholders with the appropriate tools and insights and bringing European trends and practices closer to the local region.  

To encourage an open and constructive dialogue in the financial community, Finance Talks is a platform that, through the organization of events, brings together experts and professionals who exchange opinions and discuss their expertise and experience about current and emerging challenges in the financial sector.

The intended impact of Finance Talks is to advance industry knowledge and expertise and enhance the capacities of stakeholders to successfully address challenges that will effectively impact the financial sector and the economy as a whole.

About the platform

Finance Talks by EOS Matrix is a platform which brings European trends and practices closer to the financial sector in the region by taking a deep dive into relevant topics such as credit risk management, innovative trends for management of NPLs, application of digital technologies and A.I. in the financial sector and so on.
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By organizing events which encourage dialogue throughout the year, the "Finance Talks" platform provides much-needed insights into the industry and initiates the application of new methods and solutions to existing and rising challenges with the purpose: Changing finances for the better. 
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So far, four panel discussions with experts from the relevant fields have been held within the framework of the platform "Finance Talks". Read more about the topics of conversation below. 

Past events

The first panel discussion took place in May 2022 and addressed the topic "Credit Risk Management in the Post-Covid and Economic (Financial) Crisis".

At the discussion valued experts shared their experience and expertise:

Moderator: Dr. Katerina Boshevska, general director of EOS in Macedonia and EOS in Kosovo
Expert speakers:

  • Zlatica Trpeska Civkaroski (Sparkase Bank);
  • Vladislav Hadjidinev (UNI Bank);
  • Frosina Celevska (NBRM)
The second "Finance Talks by EOS Matrix" panel discussion took place on September 28, 2022 and elaborated on the topic: "Benefits from the implementation of European legal solutions in the domestic financial sector".

Experience and expertise was shared by the honoured speakers:

Moderator: Dr. Katerina Boshevska, general director of EOS in Macedonia and EOS in Kosovo
Expert speakers:

  • Mr. Fatmir Besimi - Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Mr. Branko Greganović - Chairman of the Management Board of NLB Bank Skopje.
  • Dr. Goran Vasilev - General Director of IuteCredit Macedonia.
Thanks to the many years of experience and acquired expertise of the speakers in the domestic and foreign financial markets, this discussion is of great value to the financial community in the country.

The third panel discussion on the topic of "European Payment Practices: Survey Presentation and Discussion about the Local Market" took place on December 13th 2022.

The final "Finance Talks" panel took place at the regional conference "Balkan Economic Forum" in Tirana, Albania - November 2023 on the topic of "Importance of deep and liquid secondary markets for NPL transactions".

Stay tuned

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