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We manage your receivables. Worldwide.

We take care of your financial future: across borders, without borders. We manage your receivables in a way that suits you and your debtors. Because we know that today's debtors are your future customers.

We create win-win solutions that make your cash flow. So you can concentrate on what you're best at: your core business.

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Driven by technology and innovation Finance Talks by EOS Matrix inspires the exchange of ideas and expertise, providing the space for a dialogue regarding existing challenges in the financial sector.

The first panel discussion within the platform discussed the topic "Credit risk management in the post-Covid recovery period and global economic crisis", whereas the second panel pointed out valuable conclusions on the topic "Benefits from the implementation of European legal solutions in the domestic financial sector". It is our pleasure to announce the third Finance Talks event which will take place in December 2022. 

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Finance Talks

Smart financial services.

Get your cash – leave the risk to us.

We buy your receivables and take on the risk of non-payment for a fair price. You define the subject of sale and our tried-and-tested algorithms do the math to predict the value of your debt portfolio. Your benefits: instant cash flow, a positive impact on your balance sheet – and freedom from the burden of unpaid debts. And, of course, peace of mind that we’ll treat today’s debtors as tomorrow’s customers.

We purchase portfolios of various compositions and any status: unsecured, or secured by all asset classes. Our current clients are larger banks, insurers and loan providers.

Let us save you time and money.

Handing responsibility for debt collection to EOS saves you time and energy and gives you peace of mind. We contact non-paying customers, both B2B and B2C, through all available channels. And we use tact and professionalism at all times to maintain positive relationships with your customers, using legal proceedings only as a last Resort.

We work across borders, without borders.

Different languages, legal systems and customs: that’s what makes international debt collection challenging. We make it easy for you. EOS works across borders, without borders.

We can help you with our Cross-Border Solution.

Cross-Border Solution

  • Highest level of security, legal and ethical standards. Expertise in the local legislation of the country of origin of receivables and provision of legal assistance when needed.
  • We guarantee legal expertise with respect for local mentalities. Your local EOS representative manages the entire complex area of ​​international receivables management for you as you focus on the further development of your international business. 

  • Transparent, fast and proven solutions for each individual case: Thanks to our EOS Global Collection platform for international management of receivables, you can follow the process your case is in at any time, and your EOS representative will regularly notify you of all relevant information and only act upon activities that suit your needs.

Our IT platform optimizes global workflows by regulating automated case transmission between partners around the world. The platform ensures direct, transparent, and real-time communication in 180 countries over the world. EOS Global Collection.

Your local contact
Tel: 071 349 871 
E-mail: cross-border@eos-matrix.mk


GDPR Information

Identification of the Controller:

EOS Matrix Macedonia DOOEL, Aminta Treti no.1 1000 Skopje ID no. 5754704

Controller contacts: +389 2 3200 400 or mail: k.koceva@eos-matrix.mk 

(hereinafter referred to as the "Controller")

Contacts of the Data Protection Officer of the Controller: 

Katerina Koceva, +389 71 213 221 or mail: k.koceva@eos-matrix.mk   

EOS Survey “European Payment Practices 2022”: Late payments spell trouble for companies

In the course of the pandemic, the payment practices of customers in Europe have deteriorated. How are companies responding? In the EOS survey “European Payment Practices 2022”, 3,200 financial executives from 16 countries provide insights into their companies: What role is played by outsourcing and the digitalization of receivables management, data-driven decisions, sustainability strategies or artificial intelligence?
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This was our financial year 2021/22

Stable development in turbulent times: EOS Consolidated looks back on a solid fiscal 2021/22. You will find all facts and figures, video statements by the Board of Directors, and other insights into the world of receivables management in our Annual Report.

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