Changing finances for the better - EOS in Macedonia

EOS in Macedonia.
Changing finances for the better.

20 years EOS in Macedonia 

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20 years EOS in Macedonia
20 years EOS in Macedonia

This year we celebrate 20 successful years on the Macedonian market.

In 2023, we celebrate 20 successful years of EOS on the Macedonian market. From a company that in 2003 had only one service for its clients in the receivables management process, we have transformed into a leading technology-driven financial investor. Today, EOS offers its customers and users a range of proven and reliable solutions.

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"Finance Talks by EOS Matrix" - a unique approach for a common progress

Finance Talks by EOS Matrix aims to inspire the exchange of ideas and expertise by providing a space for dialogue on current challenges in the financial sector.

  • We organize reoccurring events where targeted experts come together to exchange and discuss current financial trends and challenges in the finance world.
  • We record and analyze the outputs of these events and share them publicly.
  • We follow up with stakeholders, propose actionable steps and initiate changes for the better!  
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This was our financial year 2022/23.

Fiscal 2022/23 was characterized by uncertainty. Learn here how the EOS Group nevertheless managed to achieve a positive result. In our Annual and Sustainability Report, you’ll find all our KPIs and business highlights and learn what the EOS Group is doing to meet its ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibilities.
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We work in compliance with the highest standards.

In 2022, we obtained ISO 27701 certification, which only confirmed our determination to protect information and data since 2016 with the introduction of ISO 27001 certification.

We are particularly pleased that our company is the fourth in the country to obtain this certificate and the only one in the financial sector to implement these standards. View the badges from all certifications and download the latest Certificate on the link below.
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